Making it crystal clear - The myth of methamphetam...
Making it crystal clear - The myth of methamphetamine

In 2006 the UN issued a global warning for a drug that threatened both the developed and developing world. A drug they said would push health resource [ ... ]

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Setting up a national workshop as an anaesthetic t...
Setting up a national workshop as an anaesthetic trainee

It is essential for senior trainees to demonstrate their abilities at leadership and management in order to obtain a Certificate of Completion of Trai [ ... ]

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Working Overseas - British Columbia
Working Overseas - British Columbia

Whether it's Australia, New Zealand or Canada there are plenty of options for doctors wanting to escape the UK. We've asked those who have made the mo [ ... ]

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Twitter Top Docs

twitter-frontpage-bannerDiscover the hottest 140 tweeters to follow if you're a junior doctor. We've compiled a list of your top 40 recommendations.

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Working overseas

airplanes-globeConsidering working overseas? Get advice from experts and read accounts from those who have already made the move.

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