High patient demand for GP communication by email


doctor-riding-envelopeHalf of patients would like to communicate with their GP by email but less than two in ten (18%) are able to so at present, according to research by Global Market Insite. A similar picture exists for text and via the website. At present, only 23% of respondents have communicated with the GP’s surgery via their website, 18% by email, and 13% via text.

Two thirds (67%) would like to book appointments via a GP’s website, half (48%) by email and one third (33%) by text. The picture is similar for receiving test results, where email is the most preferred method by two thirds (66%), followed by access via a GP’s website at 39% and text at 37%.



The highest number of responses for remote communication came for requesting repeat prescriptions where a GP’s website was the most popular method at 69%, followed by email at 65% and text at 41%.

Respondents did express concerns ranging from fears of misdiagnosis, ability to adequately describe their symptoms, and concerns that remote consultation would not be as thorough as in person.