Raising concerns with senior colleagues


MPS surveyed 1,052 newly-qualified doctors to find out about their experiences – one of the biggest issues was quality of care, with 51% having concerns over the quality of care in their workplace.

Over 60% of doctors in their foundation year 1 confided in fellow trainees about their concerns, whilst doctors in their foundation year 2 were more willing to discuss their quality of care concerns, with 67% raising the issue with their clinical managers. It is important that concerns about care quality are raised with senior colleagues. It is your responsibility as a doctor to do so, and patient safety should be your top priority.

Dr Pallavi Bradshaw, MPS medicolegal adviser, says:

“As a foundation doctor you have just as much responsibility as anybody else to raise concerns about patient safety. It is your responsibility to ensure there are safe processes in the hospital where you work.”

MPS believes that a more supportive open culture in hospitals would encourage junior doctors to raise concerns about patient safety.

Dr Bradshaw added that senior clinicians and clinical managers have a responsibility for creating an open culture and an environment where recognition and discussion of care quality issues is routine.

MPS has produced a short video guide entitled Raising concerns to help you through your foundation years: www.medicalprotection.org/uk/foundation-doctors/video-raising-concerns


To those who have recently embarked on your first FY1 job, it is a scary time, with lots to learn, but remember there are places to turn to for help – you are not alone! MPS has produced a range of other short video guides for new doctors on: Preparing for a night shift; How to handover safely; and Why do junior doctors need medical protection.

Our online guide for new doctors, Supporting you through your foundation years, features sections on good medical practice, how to manage risk, future careers and maintaining a work/life balance.

Access the videos and the guide at: www.mps.org.uk/newdoctors


  • It is important that you use the trust’s governance processes, such as incident reporting.
  • It is not appropriate to say you’re “too busy” or you “don’t want to fill out the forms”.
  • Raise concerns within your team; discuss with a senior colleague; and ultimately, raise your concerns within the trust.
  • If you still have concerns, contact MPS.