Working Overseas – British Columbia


british-columbiaWhether it’s Australia, New Zealand or Canada there are plenty of options for doctors wanting to escape the UK. We’ve asked those who have made the move to tell us about their favourite overseas locations and their advice on making the transition.

Born in England, I went to school and did my medical training in London. Two years ago, my husband and I were looking to leave London when he spotted an advert. I had never been to British Columbia but had enjoyed Seattle, so we attended a Health Match meeting in London. They explained the requirements and since then have facilitated our move with ease.

British Columbia

We chose Sechelt because it’s the best of both worlds – you can easily get to Vancouver or Whistler, but it’s still rural. We have fallen in love with the Sunshine Coast – stunning scenery, a gorgeous summer, winter skiing and friendly people.

We are much better off – I am being paid more than in the UK with rent and petrol at substantially lower prices. We enjoy a good meal and the food is fantastic here, mostly fresh and organic produce. Some things are more expensive – such as car insurance.

Being a physician here isn’t that dissimilar to England – there are still waiting lists for outpatient appointments and MRI scans. I enjoy being self-employed, although I still work within a practice with support around me. I also work in the local ER which gives great variety.

We have yet to have any regrets – it is hard to leave family and friends, but easy to fly here. If you are looking for a much better quality of life we couldn’t recommend it more.

Dr. Isabelle Hughan moved from London, England to Sechelt, BC, Canada with her scientist husband, Craig, and their infant son, Fraser, in June 2008.