Doctors Launch National Health Action Political Party


Doctors have launched a new political party which aims to put the NHS at the heart of the next general election.

The party, National Health Action, opposes the Health and Social Care Act which it believes is ‘wrecking’ the NHS in England by allowing it to be broken up and sold off. They intend to put up around 50 candidates in general election constituencies and will also field candidates in local council elections.

In their manifesto the party aims to fight for the original NHS principle of provision of good quality health and social care fairly to all members of the community, free at the time of need.

“For generations we’ve trusted the NHS to be a safety net for everyone in times of need,” said party co-leader and cancer specialist Dr Clive Peedell.

“Putting the values of business and the markets ahead of those of patients and communities will ruin the NHS. This destruction is being fasttracked by Tory and coalition policies. We hope our new parry will halt this process.

Among their aims is to abolish the purchaser/provider split and de-commercialise the health system.