BMA condemns sixth consecutive year ‘pay cut’


The BMA has condemned government confirmation that most doctors will suffer a sixth year of effective pay cuts and said the government was making a ‘total mockery’ of the independence of the DDRB (Doctors and Dentists Review Body) by refusing to allow it to make recommendations on doctors’ pay for 2015/16.

The government confirmed by letter that it would again increase pay by 1 per cent for hospital doctors at the top of their pay scale while counting incremental pay as a ‘rise’ for those progressing through the scales.

“By repeatedly ignoring the DDRB’s recommendations, and now confirming it will not even be given the opportunity to feed into next year’s decision on pay, the government is making a total mockery of the independence of the pay review bodies and prevents them from working in a fair fashion for doctors, staff and patients,” said BMA council chair Dr Mark Porter.

“Given this comes at a time when doctors are working harder than ever before to meet rising demand, it’s not surprising that morale is being hit.”

Chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said the case for public sector pay restraint in England remains strong and, as NHS trade unions are ‘not prepared to negotiate an affordable alternative’, the government would not be asking pay review bodies to make recommendations for the 2015 pay round.