The single best answer

Written by JuniorDr.


The single best answer book series began as a means of revision during the challenging year of medical finals. Constructing realistic vignettes for colleagues and providing comprehensive answers to the correct and incorrect answers soon became one of the most useful study aids and from this the SBA series was born.


We sought to create not only a successful question and answer book but also a useful revision textbook. Unique from other available materials the SBA series ensures valuable principles could be garnered from explanations of both correct and incorrect answers. The single best answer series reflects the changing emphasis of examination methodology but more importantly provides optimal educational value.

Every question challenges the reader's depth of learning whilst the answers provide greater breadth across the subject areas. Every area of the medical curriculum is thoroughly explored including diagnosis, investigation and management.


We published our first book as medical students alongside doctors, consultants and professors. Each of our volumes brings a valuable blend of authentic student insight alongside relevant experience. Our team have published 4 successful textbooks covering medicine, surgery, the clinical specialties and our latest addition in clinical pathology.


Each volume ranges from 250-500 carefully constructed examination style questions in accordance to UK medical school guidelines covering the most relevant areas of the medical school curriculum. Each chapter is organised by subject area allowing the reader to direct their learning.


With analysis of every UK medical school curriculum and examination styles each question is prepared with real life scenarios and reflective question options that tests the verticallearning of students. The reasoning behind correct and incorrect answers is provided for every question stem ensuring horizontal learning across topics. This principle ensures that for every question our readers optimise their learning potential. Each of our published texts contains a large array of questions and priced competitively to ensure you receive excellent value for money.

We hope you enjoy the challenge of using these books and wish you all the very best for you finals exams.